Greetings, my name is Michael Barnett
I am a Network Administrator and web developer that has been in the field around 15 years. I specialize in Unix/Linus OS, but also have extensive experience with Microsoft server implementations.

I have built and maintained POP3/SMTP, HTTP, DNS, and SQL servers for the past decade... both Microsoft and Unix varieties.
I've been programming for 25 years, started with Basic and have learned many languages since such as: Dbase, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, C+, Bourne Shell, ASP, PHP and SQL to name a few. Once online shopping became popular, I learned the CMS systems Joomla and Wordpress and have implemented/upgraded several Virtuemart shopping carts. Currently, I am exploring the new fascets of HTML5 and hope to soon learn languages used in creating mobile apps.

If you are looking for my resume, it can be found to the right --->